Chicago Fire season 6 episode 7 review: Ramon’s fate and so much more

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 7Chicago Fire season 6 episode 7 was a story of highs and lows, and for many characters, a journey of finding something wonderful even in the midst of hard times.

For Ramon Dawson, his decision to become a Good Samaritan at the end of the fall finale ended up paying off in a big way this week. Not only did he survive in one piece, but he finally got something that he’s wanted ever since his life fell apart last year: A sense of purpose. He got love. He relished all of the interviews that the press were willing to give him, and he even got a chance to speak both with Antonio and his ex-wife — two people he hasn’t exactly had a chance to communicate with over the course of the past year. They were sympathetic to what he went through — so much so that nobody could really argue against him hamming things up for the sake of getting his story out there.

Ramon’s hospitalization also led to two other people getting a new lease on life — or at least a relationship. Will they remain together? That’s going to be tough long-term with the two of them being on separate shows, but if Mouch and Platt can pull it off why not them? Their reunion was fun, but also romantic and a little bit sweet — it’s pretty much what you would want to see from Brettonio when they are on the show together.

Romance remains one of the many vital parts of Chicago Fire, and that took a few different forms on Thursday night’s new episode. For Otis, romance came in the form of him trying to do whatever he could to impress Lily, including pouring a ton of money into Molly’s North to make it the best bar it could possibly be. For most of this episode we were expecting this to be a complete and utter trainwreck, mostly because of how much money Otis brought into the operation and how he botched his one good shot to promote it over the radio. Yet, didn’t it seem like he did a good job with the bar itself in the end? We’d probably be fine going down for a drink at Molly’s North.

The one part of this episode we thought was a little strange was Stella still agreeing to go on a date with the radio DJ after he completely clowned Otis during their interview — we know he was doing her a favor because he wanted to go out with her, but why did she still want to go through with this? The only reason we can imagine is because she wanted to distract from her feelings towards Severide, who she kissed at the end of this past episode.

Dawson’s latest rescue

One of the storylines that could have long-term ramifications (at least per what showrunner Derek Haas told us about recently) was everything that she and Severide did in order to save a girl while out on a rescue together. This was your action for the week as we saw the two of them engaged more in precisely what they do best. You could also sense that Dawson cares for this girl and is going to do everything that she can in order to ensure that she is okay. That may be her job, but that’s also deeply in her heart.

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Final Verdict

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 7 was a worthy return for the series that brought just about everything that you could possibly want to the table. There was some great family stuff, a little romance, a little humor, and of course an opportunity to see some cool rescues out in the field. All in all, wasn’t there a lot to like here?

What did you think about Chicago Fire season 6 episode 7?

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