The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 12 review: A best man and a maid of honor

Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 12 return dateThe Big Bang Theory tonight presented a struggle for Sheldon and Amy like no other. These are two people very accustomed to expressing their feelings in big, very-unique ways. Occasionally, you will see Amy utilize some form of tact; Sheldon is a bull in a china shop, provided that this bull is wearing a Green Lantern t-shirt.

So when Amy advised her fiance at the start of the episode not to say anything to Bernadette or Penny about wedding planning — or to say anything about the wedding at all. Sheldon wasn’t great at that.

What made the main story of this episode so interesting is that it took on a fairly-classic dilemma in a way that only this show could. Sheldon and Amy wanted to figure out how to divide up responsibilities for the wedding; as a means to make that happen, they used science! They each conducted a series of experiments on some of their friends in order to properly determine who would be the right Best Man/Woman or Maid/Gentleman of Honor. Many of these experiments were ridiculous, including seeing whether or not Raj or Bernadette could keep secrets. The biggest surprise of all, though, was just how long it took many of the other characters in order to figure out what was going on. Sheldon and Amy weren’t exactly subtle with much of their approach.

The gang did figure everything out the moment that they all got together, realizing that they were given the same tests and pegged with some of the same questions. Sheldon admitted it. Meanwhile, Amy did not. Suffice it to say, nobody was altogether thrilled about this and he had to figure out a way in which to apologize to them.

Apparently, Sheldon decided that the best thing to do was to name the one person who didn’t really deserve the title: Stuart. In a way, this ironically made sense given that he literally had nothing better to do with his free time. He could devote everything to the cause. Unfortunately for Stuart, that didn’t list. Sheldon decided to ask Leonard, going with his longest-standing friendship over the results of his experiments. (Remember that Leonard was apparently in last place at the end of the experiments.)

As for the Maid of Honor, Amy was set to go with Bernadette before Penny made a startling revelation to her, partially out of anger: She was her best friend. Penny got precisely what she wanted, though we have a feeling that over time, she’s going to get so much more than that given that Amy referred to her as her “bestie” in the closing seconds.

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Final Verdict

There are often many episodes of The Big Bang Theory that suffer from trying to do too much in thirty minutes’ time. It makes sense for them to want to incorporate the majority of the main cast every week, but it’s not often something that makes sense. For this episode, they benefited heavily from making the entire episode about Sheldon and Amy’s wedding experiment.

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