The X-Files season 11 episode 2 preview: Mulder, Scully’s surprise visitor

Robbie AmellThe X-Files season 11 episode 2 is airing on Fox next week, and it’s pretty easy to say that the expectations are high. Series all-star Glen Morgan is writing and directing the hour, which carries with it the simple title of “This.” That doesn’t give a whole lot away, now does it? Yet, almost like this is an episode of Doctor Who, this will probably start to unravel upon itself as the story goes on. “This” is the story of understanding; it’s also the story of a reunion and of characters trying to establish something that resembles common ground with each other. Secrets will be revealed, and more secrets could come along with it.

Now, it may sound as though we are speaking in riddles, but remind yourself that this is more then likely what Morgan wants. These non-premiere/finale episodes are great in how they push your imagination and sense of wonder … especially in terms of what could happen.

CarterMatt has the X-Files season 11 episode 2 synopsis below for your reading enjoyment:

“An old friend reaches out to Mulder and Scully in a seemingly impossible way, revealing a chilling secret.”

It’s true that the network isn’t giving you a whole lot to go on here, not that we’re anywhere surprised by this. Why would Fox start shelling out some of its secrets when they don’t have to? The X-Files is a series that thrives on mystery and nostalgia. There are a few things that you can enter this episode without much concern: Mulder and Scully’s health, or a resolution to the central plot-line revolving around William. That’s something that may not be resolved until the end of the season.

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One thing to remember entering The X-Files season 11 episode 2 is that this year, there’s a little less of a sense or urgency than we saw two years ago. We have ten episodes as opposed to six, and what that means is there’s more of an opportunity to allow the story to breathe and to take a few more risks. In “This,” we’ll see how some of them pay off.

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