Bull season 2 episode 11 review: The trying case of Jemma Whitback

Bull season 2 episode 11After a fairly-long hiatus Bull season 2 episode 11 aired on CBS Tuesday night. After such a long break, didn’t you want to see a killer case?

Luckily, we do think that the writers delivered in setting up an interesting story for one Jemma Whitback. This is a young woman who was kidnapped for eighteen months, and on the other side of it she was involved in a dangerous robbery. When Jemma was rescued, she was not the same girl that her friends and family remembered — she was cold, miserable, and depressed. She defied her mother and didn’t believe that there was any good in the world.

For Bull, the struggle here was twofold. Not only did he have to find a way to make the jury believe that Jemma was actually innocent, but he needed Jemma to believe that, as well. Bull’s argument was that she was a victim of a long-game for of hypnotism, basically that she was fed something for so long that she eventually decided that it was true. She was indoctrinated to want to take part in the robbery. Unfortunately, her captor chose to try and make a preemptive strike against her by testifying against her in court. This is when Jemma seemed ready to just take the guilty plea for everything and spent most of her life rotting away in prison.

What the show actually did within the final third of the episode tonight was impressive from a legal standpoint but also rather beautiful in terms of its humanity. Bull figured out a way to appeal to Jemma through some of her old friends and family showing up, reminding her that there was a reason to keep fighting no matter what.

Curse Juror #10!

This man was Bull’s worst enemy, since for the entirety of the Jemma trial it seemed clear that he was not willing to budge on the verdict. Basically, it looked as though a mistrial was going to happen.

So, what happened after that? Well, it turned out there was a miracle! Bull was able to get through to the prosecutor and even without help from juror #10, the charges against Jemma were dropped and she was able to go home for the first time in a year and a half a free woman.

CarterMatt Verdict

Bull season 2 episode 11 struggled in how it was so procedural — there were almost no updates on any of the main characters outside of the case. The one thing that does make up for this was the performances of the guest cast and a pretty solid case overall … one that we imagine we’ll look back fondly on as entertainment later this season.

What made this especially so interesting was the closing second of the hour: Was Jemma turning on her computer to begin the cycle all over again? It was through this that she first met her captor in the first place. It certainly makes you wonder if she really was that innocent, after all…

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