Could The X-Files season 11 finale kill off Scully?

X-Files season 11 spoilersWhile we want to hope for the best leading into The X-Files and their upcoming eleventh season, CarterMatt wants to spend a moment venturing into the darkest timeline. We know that Gillian Anderson is leaving at the end of the season — given that she’s confirmed this in a number of different interviews at this point it feels wrong to label it mere speculation. It’s happening. If we continue to be in denial about it, that’s just what we are: In denial. She is leaving, and the next question is figuring out how she’s going to leave the show.

This brings us back to the title: Is it possible at all that The X-Files could kill off Scully at the end of the season? Shocking as it would be, this ending could serve as one of the only reasonable explanations if there are plans to continue the show without the character. It’s hard to imagine Scully walking away from everything related to The X-Files after this, unless of course Mulder goes with her and you’re really banking on a future of the show with Miller (Robbie Amell) and Einstein (Lauren Ambrose). We’re not sure that this is something that the writers should be seriously considering, but it’s a possibility that is out there. So is killing Scully since that is a way to continue the story forward with all of the established characters.

Speaking on the subject to Entertainment Weekly, show executive producer Chris Carter was pretty mum on how the latest batch of episodes could end:

“I always end it as if it were the last one. It’s become a thing you come to anticipate with this show with “The Erlenmeyer Flask” in season 1 — we closed The X-Files and killed off a beloved character [Deep Throat played by Jerry Hardin]. Things are often sacrificed in the finale. That’s the interesting thing for me. There’s a vertical corner in the final that I think will get people’s attention…”

We don’t want to believe that killing Scully is the way in which The X-Files will end the entire series; however, at this point you have to think that this idea is on the table. We are already imagining the backlash if it happens.

Do you really think that The X-Files could kill off Scully at the end of season 11?

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