Kris Jenner talks E! renewal, Adam Sandler Lake Tahoe Shark story: BTS tops NYE celebrations

Rose Parade

On Monday, the fans of TV talk shows (both late night and daytime), might see some familiar faces on TV. As the world celebrates the first day of 2018, the hosts of some of the biggest shows are at home relaxing. Never fear! That’s what reruns are all about. If you think about it, the chance to see an interview again offers up a new perspective on what you might have missed the first time around and it’s a great way to relax as viewers know nothing will be popping out to scare anyone (yes, we are all talking about Ellen.)

If you found yourself glued to the New Year’s Day coverage, there was plenty of fun to be had in Pasadena, California. Every major network came to SoCal to share in the parade fun. There were so much coverage, that all the street corners had cameras pointed to the floats. Overkill? Absolutely! And the fans loved every second of it. Perhaps the two hosts that made the biggest splash was Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan who were live on Amazon Prime.

BTS on New Year’s Eve in Times Square

Another big hit on New Year’s Eve was BTS who performed in Times Square. As a seven member South Korean boy band, these guys took the stage when it was 11 degrees in New York City and warmed up the crowd. Fans from around the world packed the streets to see them and those watching at home couldn’t get enough.

You might be scratching your head and wondering why you’ve not heard of this band before. Well, the fans of this boy band are pretty young and most of the popularity comes from social media. On New Year’s Eve BTS busted into a new medium with one of the biggest gigs in America. Not only did the fans love it, they are still talking about it!

Kris Jenner reveals how the Kardashian’s 150 million paycheck is split on Ellen

Kris Jenner knows how to support her family and keep the reality world TV fans love going at full speed. She talked to Ellen about how they divvy up the huge $150-million deal with E! And you might be surprised to learn it’s quite logical! The TV family will be on E! For five more years and fans who love the show are definitely ecstatic about the family’s decision.

Adam Sandler’s Sharks in Lake Tahoe Story

One of the beloved guests on Conan, Adam Sandler seems to be a regular on the show. One of the reasons the fans love the comedian so much is that he always brings a good story with him. On Monday night Adam reveals that he had to calm his kids after they started to worry there were sharks in Lake Tahoe. Of course, Adam might have gone a bit too far as he helped to quell any fears by telling his kids there were no fish in the lake either. Yet, the guy with a fishing pole a little distance away might have been a dead giveaway.

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