Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Jerry Seinfeld’s move to Netflix excites viewers

Comedians In Cars getting coffeeComedians in Cars Getting Coffee will debut on Netflix January 5th and the move to the streaming service has some fans of the comedian asking what might be different about this upcoming season? The show is hitting its stride with season 10 and in 2018, the show is expected to offer up some interesting celebrities with 24 new episodes.

The details of the stars in the 2018 series of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee hasn’t been revealed as of yet. What we do know is that Jerry Seinfeld will still be in the drivers seat, but with who and where are the biggest surprises. Viewers are also aware the star is still working the comedy clubs (he’s a busy guy these days!). Spotted in Israel recently, Jerry might have a big release for his comedy show, but he is still offering crowds around the world a live laugh too.

For viewers who love Jerry Seinfeld and the cars he drives, the upcoming release on Netflix is comedic gold. Not only will fans get to hear great stories from famous folks, we also get another batch of laughable moments that make this quirky show so very entertaining for the viewers

There is one question that people continue to ask about Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and it’s once again being brought up with the upcoming release on Netflix. Is this a comedian documentary or a reality show? And to that I have to ask if it really matters either way? Jerry Seinfeld does an epic job revealing the person behind the comedian and the viewers reap the rewards.

Perhaps the best thing about the show is the legendary celebrities who are willing to drive with Jerry. Sharing a bit of backstory and a few laughs without the pressure of a live audience or a club stage. This is a win-win for viewers everywhere!

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld did TV his way in the 1990s and he rose to the top with one of America’s most iconic sitcoms. Let’s be real, this star is alive, well and not bragging he has a “puffy shirt” from his TV series at the National Museum of American History. His mark on TV is epic on every level. Of course Seinfeld isn’t boastful, but he definitely could be and the fans wouldn’t mind one bit.

Now Jerry Seinfeld brings his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to Netflix in his own fashion and there is no doubt this show is going to be a big hit on Netflix too. In fact, more fans are going to get the opportunity to see this talented man and all his humorous friends! The chatter around the move to the streaming service has been intense too. When January 5th comes, many of the die-hard Seinfeld fans will need to call in sick to enjoy all the road tripping, coffee infused fun. Are you ready? We certainly have our travel mugs filled.

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