Fuller House season 3 episode 15 review: DJ as The Bachelorette

Fuller House season 3 episode 12Fuller House season 3 episode 15 was clearly a big one for the character of DJ. Why was that? She had her romantic future to figure out. She had Harry Takayama in one corner, Jackson’s creepy friend in another, and then of course an actual serious romantic option in Steve. The other two were just full-on creeps for most of the episode and DJ just wanted to get away from them.

Most of this episode felt like we were seeing DJ auditioning to become the new star of The Bachelorette — heck, at one point we even saw Steve turn up with some roses and there was even a hot tub involved! The only thing missing was Chris Harrison’s obvious dialogue and some obnoxious music playing in the background.

As silly as much of this story was, it did end up serving a purpose: Matt showed up at a really inopportune time and made it clear to DJ that he didn’t think that he could work with her anymore. With that, we have to start wondering if John Brotherton is leaving the show and this character behind. We’d be sad to see him go given that he’s a fun character — even if he’s not the guy we want DJ with, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s entertaining and there could be some other uses for him.

For now, DJ only has twelve days to go until her date with Steve. We’ll see what happens within that span of time.

As for everything else in this episode…

Stephanie Tanner got a good sense of what it’s like to be Kimmy Gibbler for a day. After choosing Kimmy to be her surrogate the two had some unusual bonding, which at one point included Stephanie donning some Gibbler clothing and taking part in some of her quirky activities.

Meanwhile, Jackson, Ramona, and Max found themselves in crisis over the destruction of the Ancient Mariner, an artifact that mostly is remarkable for how ugly it is. We wondered how in the world DJ would handle it being broken … and she really didn’t care. This was easily one of the weakest storylines in the episode, mostly because it was the predictable case of a kid TV character breaking something and then the writers trying to make us care about it for the remainder of the episode even though we really didn’t. If Jackson throwing all of his stuff out in the rain so he can live outdoors doesn’t enrage DJ, it’s pretty clear she will deal with a lot of assorted nonsense.

CarterMatt Verdict

Fuller House season 3 episode 15 was by and large a fun episode thanks to the DJ and Stephanie stories. It felt a little more like we were dealing with pressing matters for most of the half-hour, a nice change from the two episodes that aired beforehand.

What do you think about Fuller House season 3 episode 15 overall? Are you going to miss the Matt character if he does end up going? Share below!

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