Van Helsing season 2 finale spoilers: The battle of good & evil

Van Helsing season 2 finaleThe Van Helsing season 2 finale is coming up on Syfy in one week’s time, and based on some of the information that is out there this could be the good versus evil showdown that so many of you are craving. In one corner you’ve got humans; in the other corner, vampires. We know that we’re presenting what is at its core a very simplistic viewpoint on some of the action and drama that are ahead, but we do often think that some of the best shows are the ones that start off somewhere simple only to expand outward and bring all sorts of drama and intrigue to the table. You don’t need to always make every single aspect complicated.

We’re heading to the mountains on the Van Helsing season 2 finale; for a little more insight into specifics, CarterMatt has the synopsis below:

At a mountain stronghold, secrets of the Van Helsing family are unearthed and the true face of evil is exposed; at the same time, a climactic battle between humans and vampires leaves humanity’s fate in question.

There’s also a promo below that is worth checking out, though in true Syfy fashion it really doesn’t give all that much away save for some little interspersed moments of excitement. This is more of a tease than a proper trailer; the culmination of everything hinted at here is still very much to come.

As for the show’s future beyond the finale…

Syfy is often a hard network to gauge given that they likely consider so many different factors when deciding on the future of some of their shows — you’ve got rights issues to discuss and then beyond that, also ratings and whether or not there is perceived audience enthusiasm for more. Creatively it feels like there is definitely more story that could be told here. On the flip side, the ratings are down more than 25% year to year in both total viewers and also the 18-49 demographic.

What’s going on to cause that? We really don’t think that this is a situation where anything is altogether complicated. For whatever reason the network chose to put the show on a little bit later this season than in season 1, and there was probably some audience confusion over when it was coming back. Beyond that, it’s also had the challenge of airing during the holidays, a time of the year where it’s easy to forget about new programming.

The good news is this: Van Helsing is already coming back for a season 3. There’s nothing immediate to worry about. These trends are still worth watching for the future.

What do you think is coming on the Van Helsing season 2 finale? Are you still hopeful for the future of the series? Share in the comments!

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