Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen episode 6: Who should return?

Top Chef -It is fair to say that Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen episode 6 is the game-changer of the season. Lee Anne Wong, Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins, and Kwame Onwuachi are all battling to enter the competition. At the end of this episode, one of them is going to make it into the competition.

If you missed it, Tyler Anderson was eliminated in the first one of the two episodes tonight. You can check that out now over at the link here.

After cooking in the first episode using various animal heads, the focus in this episode shifted over to guts — a wide array of guts. Kwame, Claudette, and Lee Anne all had to make everything from innards to livers to all sorts of other unusual stuff. It was a test of creativity and for Lee Anne, this was apparently a chance for her to bust out what was her secret ace in the hole: Dumplings. She’s been planning to unleash this on Tom for the majority of the season and she’s now getting a chance to show him the fruits of her labor.

As for Kwame and Claudette, they opted for some interesting cultural cuisine — with Kwame, he chose to emphasize chicken hearts for a dish with some Puerto Rican touches; meanwhile, Claudette went with some traditional Mexican that is far and away different from what you see in the average restaurant.

Just to make things all the more interesting, about halfway through the competition the remaining chefs from this season showed up in order to watch the conclusion of it. Let’s just say that some of them were surprised to see Kwame and Lee Anne facing off there.

What’s the verdict?

Of course the video below doesn’t reveal the ending; that’s something that you will have to wait until the next new episode to see! It seems like every dish did have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages; what’s so interesting here to us is that of the three, all of them have an interesting story to make it back into the competition with. Claudette has shown since her arrival in Last Chance Kitchen that she is a unique and outstanding chef. Seeing her back is great just because she was eliminated too soon and we really don’t feel like we need a strong veteran presence in the competition again. Meanwhile, Kwame is probably one of our personal favorite past contestants and there’s a big part of us that wants to see him return because of that.

Finally you have Lee Anne, and that’s interesting for two different reasons. There’s obviously that whole season 1 connection that makes her appearance interesting, but then you also have the fact that she is three months pregnant. Seeing her compete would be both exciting and unique for that very reason.

Who do you think should be returning to Top Chef: Colorado? Share right now in the comments below!

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