Fuller House season 3 episode 14 review: Who is Stephanie’s surrogate?

Fuller House season 3 episode 14Fuller House season 3 episode 14 was entitled “Surrogate City,” and we’ll admit that the last thing we expected from an episode title for this show was a David Bowie reference. Unfortunately, a play on words in the title is probably the only thing that Fuller House has with the late, great singer.

This episode feels somewhat similar to the Tommy episode that came before it — there was a whole lot of fluff mixed with a couple of little moments of entertainment. It’s starting to feel like the original Full House trio has been gone for too long, and that much of the important plot points are being saved for the final few minutes. This time around, the big reveal came when Stephanie realized that Kimmy Gibbler was the perfect person to be her surrogate, someone who was right in front of her and she didn’t bother to ask. She went through many other candidates in this episode, ones spanning from a chain smoker to someone already pregnant to even Gia, who proved herself to be difficult from about two minutes out of saying that she had interest.

Having Kimmy take on the role is perfect for this show in that it enables Stephanie to come a step closer to living her dream, while also keeping the pregnancy storyline within the core cast. Because of DJ and Kimmy already being parents at the time in which the story picked up in the pilot, pregnancy is really something that was never explored on the series itself. This is a new, uncharted direction for the series — without looking towards episodes later in the season that we haven’t watched yet, we really do hope that this ends up coming to fruition.

As for other main events from Fuller House season 3 episode 14, the biggest one was the classic “teenager acts out” story. Here, it was Jackson who was desperate to shake his good-guy image, dying his hair blue and refusing to take out the garbage. It’s funny that within the Fuller House universe dying your hair blue and not doing chores automatically equal being a bad boy. Rocki apparently was a bad influence on him, or rather it was Jackson’s feelings causing him to think that he needed to be just like Rocki in order for her to like him. This was an amusing enough storyline, but from a plausibility standpoint the show loses us somewhat by having Jackson move all of his stuff outside so that he can claim he’s not subject to DJ’s house rules anymore. For one, it’s still technically her property. Also, if we were DJ we would be far angrier about all of his stuff outside getting ruined because of the rain. Unless she’s the wealthiest vet ever who’s paying for cleaning all of that?

CarterMatt Verdict

We do think that Fuller House could’ve come up with a more creative way to show Jackson acting out than just him mimicking another character and having it all wrapped out within a single episode. While the surrogacy storyline had too abrupt a reveal at the end, we did find it to be far more pleasant overall and stuffed full of silly comedy.

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