CarterMatt Awards 2017 results: Who won ‘Ship of the Year?

'Ship of the YearWelcome to the CarterMatt Awards results! Throughout the final days of December we’re going to be sharing with you the end results of one of the greatest editions of these awards ever since we first started them six years ago. Hundreds of thousands of you voted, making this edition incredibly competitive and also a total blast to conduct. We hope that some of your favorites end up being among the winners this year! (Check out all of the categories and results over at the link here.)

Today, we bring to you the end results of the ‘Ship of the Year vote, a category that is really all about fandom and hope. The nominees in this category are relationships that have often spawned either from fan support or individual moments/dynamics on the show. These are characters who aren’t together romantically, but there is a movement in place to try to make that happen. They have enormous fan followings online and viewers who watch their given show just for the sake of cheering them on.

‘Shipping communities are some of the most passionate in all of television, so we won’t even pretend to be surprised that this was one of the most popular categories in the awards this year. This was also one of the more competitive throughout the voting window.

Yet, in the end there was one person who rose through the rubble and emerged as champion.

Supercorp from Supergirl wins ‘Ship of the Year


One of the really fun things about covering television is that you never quite know what characters viewers were going to gravitate to. We remember when Katie McGrath was cast on Supergirl as Lena Luthor, excited mostly because it brought a Luthor presence to the show. The House of El and the Luthor family are diametrically opposed within the Superman world, but in order to have a successful story you need both sides of this coin.

What happened soon after Lena’s debut was that, despite her last name and her family’s reputation, viewers took to Lena and wanted to see her as a positive figure who could rise above the Luthor name. They also took to her relationship with Kara, one that was based on care and support. With that, Supercorp was born. To some, it represents a great friendship; for others, it represents a hope of something more. There are countless Kara/Lena fanfiction and fanart out there; all you have to do is scour the internet using the hashtag. Fans of the show see something within the two of them that they connect with and it’s beautiful. That’s what you hope for when you develop a show — you want viewers to be invested in relationships and interesting character dynamics.

Congratulations to the Supercorp fandom for what was an extremely hard-fought victory for this title. The ‘ship won with 43% of the vote, whereas reigning champions Klaroline from The Originals ended up with 38%.

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