CarterMatt Awards 2017 results: Who is the recipient of Best Fanbase?

Best FanbaseWelcome to the CarterMatt Awards results! Throughout the final days of December we’re going to be sharing with you the end results of one of the greatest editions of these awards ever since we first started them six years ago. Hundreds of thousands of you voted, making this edition incredibly competitive and also a total blast to conduct. We hope that some of your favorites end up being among the winners this year! (Check out all of the categories and results over at the link here.)

The award for Best Fanbase is one of the most interesting and entertaining of the ones that we’ve come up with over the years, largely because it is a celebration of a group of people who often do go unheralded and unrecognized. They are the people responsible, effectively, for shows staying on the air. Without a fan following, there are no new episodes. Shows come to a screeching halt and everyone just packs up their stuff and goes home. The Best Fanbase Award is a recognition of avid viewers and people who support the show on social media.

How we chose the nominees this year was rather simple: We looked at some of the viewers who routinely both watch the show and follow along with it here at CarterMatt. After that point, it was a little bit easier to narrow down the field to eight worthy candidates (though there were still some snubs).

Of those candidates, there were clearly two who stood head and shoulders above the rest, which gets us to where we are today.

Outlander season 4vv

Outlander wins Best Fanbase for the second straight year

Congratulations to Outlander and its fans! This show, by and large, had a pretty runaway victory. It received in total 54% of the vote, about 12% more than Wynonna Earp received in second place. Like many of the other showdowns at the CarterMatt Awards, it was really just two shows squaring off against each other. It does make sense that they would be Outlander and Wynonna Earp — in the event of the former, you’re talking about one of the most passionate followings in all of TV. In the case of the latter, what we have here is one of the most entertaining underdog shows out there. The second season of it produced many trending topics on Twitter and despite having a small viewership, it managed to score a season 3 renewal. Both shows deserve the great fans that they have.

In the case of Outlander we’re thrilled to see that their fans remain some of the most passionate, supportive people out there. Not only did these people push the show towards new ratings highs in season 3, but they’ve supported it globally with conventions, voted for the People’s Choice Awards, and helped push what was somewhat of an under-the-radar show into the mainstream. Outlander fans deserve every single bit of the praise they receive for the work that they’ve done making this into more than just a fanbase. It’s a community of loving, supportive people who have fun with the show and want the best for it.

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