Major Crimes season 6: Who died ahead of final episodes?

Major Crimes season 6As we all knew, the first of the two new episodes of Major Crimes dealt with the death of beloved character Commander Sharon Raydor. The funeral was filled with people who loved her including Ricky and Emily who were on a plane when they learned of their mother’s death. Lieutenant Provenza gave a heartwarming eulogy that speaks so much to how far he and Sharon came from the relationship in The Closer. 

After watching the most melancholy moment of the episode, Provenza learned from DDA Emma Rios (returning star Nadine Velazquez) that Philip Stroh was indeed back in Los Angeles and she believed to know why but was waiting for confirmation. It was great to see the show bring Velazquez back. DDA Rios was such an important figure during the show’s early seasons when Stroh was on trial and Rusty was testifying. So we were a little disappointed to see her come back and then get axed off so quickly. However, from the moment DDA Rios entered her pool later that night we knew Stroh was going to kill her; however, he didn’t kill her because she prosecuted him, but because she knew why he returned to Los Angeles. This only puts Rusty in danger because he has been investigating Stroh’s activities and if Rusty discovers Stroh’s secret, he will definitely be an even bigger target.

This episode also featured Sharon’s two videos she left behind to her three children and her husband as they try and move on from her death. Emily and Ricky are hurting, but also know that everyone is hurting and take comfort in her words to them. To Andy she confesses she will always love him and for Rusty she gives her last two cents about Philip Stroh in order to keep him safe. These videos were great because they revealed more about Sharon that we didn’t know before and they showed a side of Andy and Rusty we haven’t seen. For Andy we saw a grieving husband, but also a strong one as he vows to protect Rusty at all cost. With Rusty, we see a small glimpse at the hurt boy from the early seasons, but we also see a strength from Rusty as we watch him listen closely to Sharon’s last advice to him. It’s a testimony to how far he has come.

Finally, Stroh is back and back with a young British accomplice who is only helping him because he helped get the kid out of a sexual offense. During the 2 episodes, the team chase Stroh’s past and begins to get an idea of who this man was and how he became the man he is today. It was definitely interesting and kept us intrigued. Unfortunately, the team was still one step behind Stroh, especially after the British accomplice hacked the squad’s phones. This enables Stroh to listen to all their conversations in the murder room and watch them after he hacks their big screen. At the final hour’s end, the team is 2 seconds away from finding out who the accomplice is after he allows himself to be caught on camera when he hacks the team once destroying their chances. We have to admit watching the team completely being overpowered by a young kid was frustrating. The episode also featured moments where the team should have realized something was up, but didn’t. It was probably the most frustrating thing to watch.

The only other thing more frustrating was the fact that the script read that Ricky was older, when in fact in Season 3 episode 9 “Sweet Revenge” it stated Emily was older. This may not seem like something to get upset about, but something like this should have been caught.

Overall, these last few episodes are going to be interesting, but will still hurt, especially after Mary McDonnell’s name was removed from the opening credits. However, we are interested in seeing how this will all end.

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