TV revivals we want in 2018: Chuck, White Collar, Hannibal, and more

What are some of the TV revivals we most want to see in 2018? We should start by reminding you of this: We’re absolutely in an era now where networks are eager to bring back past successful properties. We’ve got Will & Grace on the air now, Roseanne is returning, and there is talk about new versions of both The Office as well as Mad About You. If all of these shows can find a way back and Psych can continue its run in movie form, why not look at some other properties that are out there? While we may want new ideas as much as the next person, there’s always something comforting about seeing an old favorite or two pop up on the air.

Below, you can see five of the shows we most want to see make a bold return to the air in 2018.

Bones – There’s already an interest there from the Fox point of view, though getting the original cast on board may be more difficult. The appeal of bringing back Bones for a six-episode run/feature film mostly just stems from the fact that the show’s got a timeless feel to it. No matter where you are in your life, there’s something fun about being able to kick back and watch Booth and Brennan take down some bad guys.

Chuck – We’ve made it no secret that the Zachary Levi series remains one of our all-time favorites. It’s very reminiscent of Psych in that they are both just funny, joyous series that combine several different genres into one neat little package — in this case, a package hopefully bought at the Buy More. We know that Levi is potentially interested in doing a Chuck movie in a model that is reasonably similar to Psych: The Movie; now, let’s just hope that it happens.

Hannibal – One of the most visually arresting, thought-provoking series of the past ten years. It’s a fantastic adaptation of the source material, but it shines in its own right thanks to stellar writing and performances from Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen. The interest is still there among the cast, and this is mostly just an issue of finding the right network interested in bringing the series back.

Rizzoli & Isles – This is largely a pipe dream given that TNT seems no interest in airing crime procedurals anymore, regardless of whether or not they’re getting big ratings from them. Major Crimes tried to change up its format to suit more of what they’re doing now and even that didn’t help to keep it on the air longer than season 6. Still, you have to think that a movie chronicling Jane and Maura’s time overseas would be fun!

White Collar – Given that USA was willing to bring back Psych, why not offer up more of another one of their classic series? Bring in Matt Bomer for another fantastic heist or two, presumably in some distant corner of the world. What was great about the end of the series is that it gave Neal Caffrey presumably a new lease on life; there’s all sorts of fertile ground to explore, though we hardly think he’ll be gone from his old life forever, either.

What TV revivals do you most want to see on the air in 2018? Be sure to share in the comments!

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