Prepare for Into the Badlands season 3 with December 27 marathon

Into the Badlands season 3 premiere dateAre you excited for Into the Badlands season 3 to air on AMC in the new year? If you haven’t seen the show yet, AMC is offering up a chance to get caught up on the martial-arts series like never before.

From now until early Thursday morning the network is offering up an all-day marathon featuring the entirety of the episodes from the first two seasons of the show. This gives you a chance to get immersed into the characters, the story, and of course the unique battle scenes that are unlike anything else on television. What makes Into the Badlands such a remarkable series more so than anything else is its artistry. There’s a uniqueness and a creativity that comes out through every single frame that is produced; its visual and its action-packed but there is also thought and a deeper story underneath.

Sadly, the one thing that has probably held Into the Badlands back more than anything over the years is the perception that exists as the show that bumped Talking Dead off the air for an hour. AMC has aired several of its new episodes after Walking Dead episodes, which led in turn to some people unfortunately resenting the series through no fault of its own (as we at CarterMatt call it – giving it the Low Winter Sun treatment). Over time we hope that some have come around and realized that there’s something completely different here from what they typically watch. Also, it doesn’t hurt them all that much to have to wait for an extra hour to see a breakdown of the zombie drama.

Into the Badlands season 3 doesn’t have a specific premiere date just yet, but its upcoming season is going to have 16 episodes, by far the biggest total for the series to date. That sort of ambition is exciting, though we have no idea how anyone is going to still be breathing after doing so many high-octane martial-arts sequences. It’s probably going to require everyone within the cast having to shoulder some of the load here or there. Once there’s a little bit more insight to hand down, we’ll have it for you here.

As for what else is new tonight…

There are new episodes of both Vikings and Knightfall over on History. Otherwise, this is a reasonably quiet night with not too much in the way of new content coming on the air. Rest assured, though — the new year is coming and with that comes many new episodes of some of your favorites.

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