4 Competitive sports still not on TV: Would fans watch footgolf, underwater hockey, toe wrestling?

Olympics 2018Do you watch sports on television? With the upcoming Winter Olympics on NBC, the world is going to be glued to the tube as PyeongChang 2018 Olympics (logo pictured above) offers up some of the best athletes to watch. I admit to being a huge Olympic fan too. In the past ten Olympic games, I’ve seen almost every possible sport, including Curling.

Television is definitely the best place to watch professional sports too. Who doesn’t love watching the NFL, NBA or NHL teams as they take the field, court or ice respectively? It’s awesome to see a live game while only being 30 feet from the fridge. It’s even better when the television is a 75” Smart TV that curves to enhance your viewing pleasure.

Which brings me to a question that I still am scratching my head over. Why isn’t every possible sport available to watch on TV? I mean, yes, there are a bunch of cool events taking place almost daily, but not everything is being filmed for TV. There are a few sports that could benefit from the cameras as they have competitive teams and are exciting to watch.

Of course, it’s not possible to play every great game at the Olympics, but even a little TV time might make a difference for these competitive sports. Most are a little different than your typical sporting events, but they still have action and athletes who would share their dedication to the sport.

4 Competitive Sports Still Not on TV

So what sports might be good to watch on TV (and haven’t arrived yet on the small screen?) I thought you would never ask…

Footgolf. Ever heard of this sport? It’s a combination of golfing and soccer. There are courses all over the United States (go ahead and Google it, I dare you) where people enjoy playing. A very unique idea, this sport is catching on and worth of some camera support. Kids love this sport and if the youngsters appreciate it, why can’t we all see a little more? Who knew those beautiful greens would be perfect for a big ball too.

Underwater Hockey. At first when I heard this sport, I thought it wasn’t real. Then I headed over to YouTube and found out not only is it a real sport, there are teams from literally every country on the planet which play in the World Championships. There would be plenty of action to watch with this sport and it’s quite entertaining. Underwater Hockey has also been highlighted on The Amazing Race Canada.

Toe Wrestling. Kick off those socks and let’s see what type of toe strength is coming to the ring. This is another intriguing sport with virtually no TV presence. In fact, the 31st annual World Toe Wrestling Championships barely were noticed outside of the United Kingdom and it’s a crying shame. The strength of a toe should be acknowledged on TV too. Why not?

Wife Carrying competition. Oddly the rules from International Wife Carrying Competition Rules Committee make the course structure sound easy, but from the spectators view, this is anything but simple. Rushing through water, hurdles and shifting ground, you can’t drop the live cargo! There are competitions in the USA, Europe and beyond that could offer TV viewers some entertainment. And for the record, I wouldn’t mind watching Husband Carrying Competitions either. Moving live people quickly in a competition sounds is a cross between art, balance and athleticism.

We Need More Competitive Sports on TV

Overall, the sporting events people come up with reflect how we live our lives. Frankly, only the best of the best will be professional soccer players or football players. However, many TV viewers might be keen to see the most interesting people take to the field playing Quidditch at a regional university. (Photo: NBC.)

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