CNN New Year’s Eve Live: 5 ways Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper are perfect hosts

CNN New Year's Eve

Have plans to watch 2018 being ushered in during CNN New Year’s Eve Live With Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen? The serious cable news station is once again offering a lighthearted look at the New Year’s Eve festivities in Times Square (and points beyond). Next to Anderson Cooper will stand a new host and viewers couldn’t be more excited. That’s right we are talking Andy Cohen!

The idea of changing the host for this program has some fans nervous. Will this show offer the laughs like previous years? Can the Times Square program be just as entertaining as last year? Well friends, you should NOT be too worried. Working together in the past, Andy and Anderson have impressed live audiences before. The only difference is millions of people will be watching and everyone is going to be ringing in 2018 with two gents who know how to have a good time.

If you’re still not convinced, perhaps a quick glance at our top 5 reasons why Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are perfect hosts for New Year’s Eve Live is in order.

1. Andy and Anderson have a great sense humor. Be it The Ridiculist on Anderson’s CNN news program or Andy who interviews celebrities on Watch What Happens Live, they are seasoned pros who know how to make people laugh.

2. Both hosts have an infectious laugh. Now, it’s one thing to be funny. It’s entirely different to have a positive demeanor that brings others joy and laughter. Have an infectious laugh and a good sense of humor? It’s a perfect combo that viewers of CNN are going to be privileged to watch.

3. Viewers don’t know what might happen. In the past fans sort of expected outrageous, over the top moments. That suspense had us glued to the set. It’s still possible for things to be outrageous and now we have the element of surprise. A new year with new surprises? Sounds like a solid reason to watch.

4. Anyone might show up during CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live. With a new host brings new opportunities for famous folks to stop by and support the duo. You never know who might be stepping in front of the camera. Or what direction this show might take. Be ready for some fun!

5. And finally, Anderson and Andy are fun, good-looking guys. Sorry, is this too obvious to point out? It’s just when counting down the end of the year at the biggest party on the east coast, complete with a New Year’s Eve glittery ball, sometimes people overlook the two handsome hunks hosting.

Andy Cohen is a perfect NYE host choice

Change is never easy, but viewers are going to see how Andy Cohen adds a new dimension to CNN New Year’s Eve Live. It’s going to be a lively show where Andy and Anderson welcome 2018 with thousands around the world. With the final moments of 2017 coming to a close, the geodesic sphere, which weighs 11,875 pounds and is 12 feet in diameter, slowly drops as the crowds gathering in Times Square look on as holiday greetings from around the world scroll below the screen (you can get involved on social media using #CNNNYE). It’s going to be an exciting evening as Andy and Anderson usher in this amazing American New Year’s Eve tradition. (Photo: ABC.)

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