Fuller House season 3 episode 11 review: The Troller Coaster

Lonzo BallOnly a show like Fuller House can thrive with an episode revolving around an amusement part ride as silly as the Troller Coaster. It feels like Space Mountain combined with one of those haunted houses that pop up around Halloween and there were actually two very-important events that took place there over the course of the season 3 episode 11.

The first laid the groundwork for Steve and DJ determining that they want to give it some time to address some of their feelings before making a move to be with each other — they kissed at the end of the episode, and with that laid all of their cards out on the table. This is them recognizing that they are both grown adults trying to figure out the best way to move forward in a relationship rather than just throwing caution to the wind and rushing it. They are both more than aware that this is not the right thing for either one of them to do … they threw enough caution to the wind getting on the Troller Coaster together with Steve cutting the line to do so.

It’s easy to root for Steve and DJ. They have that Fuller House history built in and they’re both likable people who deserver happiness. Their relationship went full-on romantic comedy back in Japan so it was smart to pump the breaks a little bit here.

The Troller Coaster in this episode also brought out the best in DJ’s sons Jackson and Max, who decided to go on the ride together. For Jackson, he had to conquer fear after lying about it previously; for Max, he had to conquer not being tall enough to go on. A little bit of air gel goes a long way to add that extra inch! (While we hardly believe that this would actually work in real life, this felt a little like something out of a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon and were all about it for that reason.)

Back at the house, Kimmy dealt with a struggle of her own in this episode: Learning that Ramona was not altogether interested in going to do the dance-based performing arts school like she’d hoped. It was a passion of hers but she didn’t want it to become her whole life — something that she was warned about after meeting one of the real-life students and seeing how they lived, breathed, and barely ate for the sake of dance. This, once more, is probably not 100% realistic but funny nonetheless. It was at least a little more inspired than Stephanie getting a shot that caused her to become hormonal — how many times have we seen that as a device for easy humor over the past several years?

CarterMatt Verdict

Fuller House season 3 episode 11 will be remembered for two things — the ridiculous Troller Coaster (and its ridiculous operator) alongside Steve and DJ kissing. Given that this is a lighthearted comedy, that’s fine. You don’t have to have any further expectations of it.

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