Someone call Mulder: Was there a UFO in California?

X-Files season 11 spoilersIn the midst of all the strange things to happen right before Christmas, seeing a UFO in California may be one of the strangest.

Was it a UFO? Was it not? Can we call in Mulder on this one? It’s a reasonably good idea judging from what the CarterMatt team just saw in the sky in California on Friday. It was strange, it’s unexplained, and Scully probably would tell us not to worry about it. Yet, here we are. Whatever it was, whether it be a comet, some sort of aircraft, or the islands welcoming themselves after the recent reports via the Pentagon, it caught our attention and plenty others. We saw it, and we know that people as far away as Arizona also did. By far, this wins the award for strangest thing we’ve ever seen in the sky, period.

Check out the photo below from our own Jessica Carter.

If we were to come up with a list of funny things that this could be, #1 on the list is probably promotion for the new X-Files season — hey, the truth is out there and given the recent news aren’t we all a little bit more gullible? Beyond just that, maybe this is Seth MacFarlane telling you that you should really watch the new season of The Orville in the new year.

Okay, the reality is that this seems to have been the launch of a new SpaceX rocket, one that was planned for a little while. Still, for most of us who don’t follow space-related news we wouldn’t have any clue. We did straight-up think this was a UFO for a little while … maybe we still do. That’s probably a little more fun / simultaneously terrifying to think about.

For the record, The X-Files premieres on Fox on January 3. We’ll be covering the show extensively at the link here, while also continuing to monitor the sky in the process. We’ll just have to wait and see if anything else crazy happens.

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