Fuller House season 3 episode 10 review: Tale of two botched weddings

Fuller House season 3 episode 10Fuller House season 3 episode 10 was about as Fuller House as a midseason premiere could get — provided that it was set in Japan and featured the entire Tanner – Fuller family completely outside of their comfort zone.

Yet, in the midst of all of the silliness there were a couple of major wedding-related plot points that went down.

1. Steve and CJ didn’t get married – While for most of the episode it felt like they were going to, all it took was an accidental moment at a waterfall with DJ to cause Steve to get cold feet. All of a sudden he realized that she really did care for him more than she had expressed — even though he heard her confession accidentally on the plane ride over. He couldn’t go through with marrying CJ anymore, which in turn made her understandably very angry. Consider for a moment everything that she went through planning the wedding, including swapping out her dress for a kimono after an unfortunate toilet disaster. Given that this is Fuller House, can you really be all that shocked that there was a toilet disaster in this episode? Somehow, we mixed bathroom humor and the most romantic day of many people’s lives.

2. DJ and Matt get engaged, then break up right before their wedding – Matt decided after CJ and Steve’s wedding failed that he’d just try to take advantage of it for his own moment … which failed miserably. To the surprise of no one DJ wasn’t altogether interested in commandeering someone else’s wedding for the sake of her own celebration and also realized that her feelings for a newly-single Steve were too much to ignore.

Now, Fuller House is seemingly reset and on its way to becoming the version of the show that most people out there want to see. We’re of course talking about the version of the show where DJ and Steve get together.

Beyond the wedding(s)…

The rest of Fuller House season 3 episode 10 was incredibly silly but also pretty perfect for this show. You had Uncle Jesse serving as a secret commercial spokesperson, probably the best product placement for Sanrio ever, and Ramona finding herself in the midst of a Japanese boy-band performance after accidentally running into one of them and, without knowing his true identity, decides that he is the love of her life.

CarterMatt Verdict

Fuller House is what it is — a silly bit of family escapism with an aggressive laugh track and predictable humor. Yet, at least this episode showed itself to be a worthy start of the second half of the season and a reminder of how far we’ve come in the past couple of years. Sometimes, it’s refreshing to have a show be this earnest and hokey in an era where very few are.

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