Top Chef: Colorado episode 3: The sudden death quickfire returns

Top Chef: Colorado episode 3The sudden death quickfire is coming back on Top Chef: Colorado episode 3, and that should be enough to leave everyone afraid. This is the competition that can automatically end someone’s chances in the competition, depending of course on how it goes down.

If it’s like some past seasons, it could go a little something like this: The person with the worst dish in the Quickfire will get a chance to challenge someone else for their chance to stick around in the season. It’s a great twist for the show for a couple of different reasons. For one, it puts the spotlight on an individual chef as you get to know them more on a personal level. Beyond that, it also singles out someone who they interpret as weak. If both chefs get a chance to stay, you are automatically planting in some drama for down the road.

The person challenged is also left in a tough psychological position — while they don’t really get much in terms of advantage/money from winning the showdown, they still need to do it. It’s a competition and you’re getting the chance to eliminate someone else. That’s great, but it probably dawns on them at some point that they are also ending someone else’s dream.

Given that quickfire challenges can be crapshoots, it’s hard to even speculate as to what could be coming up here.

As for the rest of the episode…

Who doesn’t love a good food truck? That’s going to be a part of what’s coming as the chefs are going to have to do what they can in order to give some hungry college kids some food. Let’s just say that they are probably not going to be discerning critics on the same level as some of the diners from the first two episodes. They may be drunk or, given that it’s Colorado, they may be on other stuff. The problem may be having food left over for the judges. (Admittedly, this is probably the food we’d gravitate towards the most if we are hungry — we write this Top Chef article having just had a package of Fun Dip earlier. We’re really avant garde.

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