Why Wayward Sisters will do better than Supernatural: Bloodlines

Supernatural season 13 posterWhile Wayward Sisters is not officially a full-fledged series just yet, the Supernatural bosses feel pretty confident. They especially feel that way when looking at this series in opposition to Supernatural: Bloodlines. That was the last attempt at a spin-off years ago and it felt like a miss from the start. It didn’t feel much like the original show and represented producers trying to conform the universe to what was popular at the time: Vampires and werewolves.

One thing that is nice is that the executive producers are able to look back at that first spin-off attempt and analyze what went wrong. In speaking on that subject to TV Guide, Andrew Dabb had the following to say:

“I think the biggest problem for us was, number one, timing, Our idea in hindsight was probably a little too similar to The Originals … We wanted to do something set in the Supernatural world but very unlike Supernatural. At that point, Supernatural [was] going strong. We didn’t know when it was ending but it certainly didn’t feel like it was on its way out and so we were really worried about taking any elements from the show.”

Supernatural is still going strong now, but we do feel as though there is a certain degree of confidence now that the franchise can withstand having two shows and two different through-lines out there at the same time. It also helps that Wayward Sisters features many characters, including Sheriff Jody Mills, who have been a part of the world for a long time. Dabb confirms that to the site:

“It’s got not just an episode of history behind it … In the case of Jody, it’s got almost 10 years of history behind it.”

It may be somewhat sad to lose Jody’s availability from the main Supernatural series if this show succeeds, but we definitely do think that there is spin-off potential here. These shows will have a different feel, but the characters do know each other and it’s easy to figure out that there would be ways that they could interact and intersect. Getting Wayward Sisters on the air is just the first move to making that happen.

For now, Supernatural is on hiatus until the fall — yet, you can head over here for more news about when it comes back!

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