Who died on the STAR season 2 fall finale?

Elliot deadIs Elliot dead on STAR season 2? Throughout much of the fall finale on Fox, the show made you ponder over that question.

Alas, we wish we had some better news for you here. At around the 44-minute mark it started to become clear in this episode that the Elliot character wasn’t going to make it out of the episode alive. He wasn’t going to be gone and that was pretty devastating news for Cotton — some of the feelings that were there were pretty darn clear.

This death puts an end to the arc for Jack Yang as this character, who had started to become a big part of the series. Unfortunately the truth of the matter for some of these characters is ultimately that if you’re recurring, you’re often not safe; also, it’s often the ones who go who don’t deserve to. Elliot didn’t deserve what happened to him — he didn’t do anything wrong! In the end, he wanted little more than to be cared for and it didn’t quite matter. The important thing is that the show will go on, even if it’s rather difficult to digest right now. We’re going to have to wait and see how some of the characters move forward — especially Cotton, of course.

As for what else happened in the episode, we saw a significant betrayal during the showcase, a surprising outcome to that said showcase itself, and also an incredibly terrifying moment at the hospital. Omari trapped Cotton and at that point, it was pretty darn clear that he was the one responsible for killing Elliot.

If that wasn’t enough…

The closing minutes also featured Cotton in a life-or-death situation. Is she gone alongside Elliot? That’s not clear at the moment. This is a SIGNIFICANT cliffhanger and while we thought losing Elliot was going to be enough to have us freaking out, that’s not the case. We’re going to be panicking until spring.

Also, something bad’s gotta happen to Omari after all of this right? He’s now at the center of so many unspeakable and awful things.

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