Bull season 2 episode 10 review: Bull’s holiday cheer

Bull season 2 episode 10On Bull season 2 episode 10 Tuesday night, we had a case really like no other for Dr. Jason Bull. It was personal and emotional as Bull found himself dragged into a situation he was not accustomed to: Dealing with family law.

Early on in the episode Bull found himself visited by a young girl named Charlie, who claimed that she wanted to split herself from her parents and needed his help. The more that he looked at the case superficially, the more that he realized that her family life was a dumpster fire. Her father / Jon Hamm lookalike Rex didn’t come home until the middle of the night and the mother is mission in action. It wasn’t until after Bull arrived at family court that he realized that Charlie’s mother was actually dead and he had misconstrued almost the entire case. She had a loving father but he was someone who just made many mistakes along the way. The question that Jason had to figure out from there was how to stop what he started.

What made Bull so very interesting tonight was that our leading man actually prioritized something more than money tonight — he had a valuable case involving rival cell-phone companies that desperately wanted and needed him, but he was ignoring that for the sake of trying to help Charlie and Rex out. This frustrated some of his team, especially since they weren’t all aware of what he was doing.

Ultimately, Bull decided that he was willing to take helping a family over greed — he dropped the phone case, apologized to the team, and focused on helping Charlie and Rex instead. He did still give the phone makers some of what he and the TAC assembled during some of their research.

Did Marissa get her revenge?

After hesitating to talk about it in the past, tonight featured her starting to open up to Danny, Cable, and others about what “Kyle” did to her in robbing her of her entire finances. Luckily, opening up was just what she needed in order to get revenge on him. They figured out where he would be, his real name (Robert), and how many other people that he had probably screwed over.

Marissa being at the airport while “Kyle” was arrested was one of the most awesome moments we’ve seen for the character to date. This. Is. Payback.

CarterMatt Verdict

Bull season 2 episode 10 had a Miracle on 34th Street sort of vibe to it — while it still felt like the same show we know and love, it had a number of heartwarming moments as well. Take, for example, Bull coming up in the elevator dressed as Santa Claus to give Charlie some holiday cheer in the end. We do like to think that in the process of this case, Bull did learn something about kids and how caring a father he could be.

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