Floribama Shore episode 5 review: Aimee Hall’s heartbreak, Nilsa Prowant’s hook up

Floribama ShoreWhen we last saw our crew from the Floribama Shore they were about to get into another pub brawl leaving us wondering if anyone was going to get arrested this time (they escaped arrest last time). We haven’t seen nearly enough of Candace Rice on the show, but we’ve now seen that she won’t let anyone talk trash about her roommates when she confronted a guy saying derogatory comments towards Gus. This fight gets pretty ugly as pretty much the whole cast (minus Jeremiah once again) jumps this guy until they get tossed out.

Aimee Hall is someone that we were immediately interested in getting to know more about when she was first introduced on the show, but surprisingly we haven’t had as much of a focus on her as we had hoped. We know that before coming on the show that she had recently left a ten year relationship after her boyfriend (Logan) cheated on her with her cousin, her friends and even got someone pregnant. She has lived a lot of life for such a young person and we’ve been wondering how she’s been able to cope so well with this. Tonight we are getting to a chance to look a little deeper into her heart and we can see that beyond the tough exterior, she’s really having a difficult time dealing with that break up. Even though he did some of the worst things you can do to someone in a relationship you have to remember that they were together for ten years! That is a really long time and couple that with Logan being the first person she ever slept with, even cheating and pregnancy isn’t enough to untangle her feelings – it’s impossible to just shut them off. We seriously wish we could just give Aimee a big hug and introduce her to some of our cute single friends.

Now let’s get into some Nilsa and Jeremiah scoop – we all know that she wants a piece of Jeremiah and as much as we may want to see this hook up happen at some point this season, Jeremiah is ruining the fun for everyone. He mentioned tonight that he’s already done with Kayla Jo and is looking for the next girl, but it’s not our girl Nilsa. When Jeremiah’s brother (Josh) shows up he’s just like Jeremiah (jacked, funny and a little socially awkward) and he seems sweet on Nilsa. She’s interested in him, but because she hasn’t hooked up with anyone in a long time, she’s a bit nervous. Luckily, Josh isn’t and starts kissing her right in front of Jeremiah – which now dashes any hopes we had of the Nilsa Jeremiah hook up.

The CarterMatt verdict

There was a lot that we loved about this episode and most of what we loved came from getting to know Aimee better as well as Candace’s uneasy feelings about being on a boat (which we can completely relate to!). We’ve said this before, but it deserves mention again – this is a really great cast. There are so many great back stories that are truly relatable, but one of the things we love about this cast is the chemistry between them all. Even though there’s fights, there’s a lot more fun and good times then anything else.

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