Good Behavior season 2 finale spoilers: Letty, Javier’s cleanup duty

Good Behavior season 2 finaleThe Good Behavior season 2 finale is airing on TNT in one week’s time, and all signs point to this being a pivotal hour. In the closing minutes you should find out Letty and Javier’s fate, at least for the time being. Are they doomed to spend the rest of their lives in prison? After what happened to both Teo and the security guy, that’s a reasonable question.

Let’s start things off by saying this: It’s not like Javier will be that upset that Teo is gone, given that this is someone who was actively working to take him down. Letty killing him in theory removes that problem from his life. Yet, this move also creates an abundance of other problems, with one of the biggest ones being that he now has to find a way to clean up what happened and dispose of these bodies before anyone else finds out. The problem here is the security guy — sooner or later that company is going to figure out precisely what happened to him, and in turn realize that the vast majority of the clues that are out there are leading towards him being at the house. They have to figure out a way to cover their tracks there.

The Good Behavior season 2 finale title is “Letty Raines, in the Mansion, with the Gun,” which we absolutely love as someone who found the movie Clue endlessly entertaining. Meanwhile, CarterMatt has the synopsis below with a little more information regarding what is coming up:

Letty (Michelle Dockery) and Javier (Juan Diego Botto) must clean up the mess Letty made, but they have to do it quickly or they will both end up in prison.

There isn’t too much new in there that we haven’t told you already, and it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock that TNT wants to keep most story elements under wraps. This could end up being the final episode of the series, given that there is no season 3 renewal at the moment. We hope that it’s not the case, and we presume that one of the things that could be helping Good Behavior at the moment is its DVR performance. We do like to think that there are a number of people watching the show in some other forms beyond just watching it live, but we absolutely do wish some of those numbers were better.

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