Who dies on the STAR season 2 fall finale? The promo has clues

STAR season 2 fall finaleThe STAR season 2 fall finale is airing on Fox Wednesday night, and at the center of it seems to be a central question: Who is going to die?

There’s a reason for the high stakes, and it comes courtesy of the reaction in the closing seconds of the promo below. Star seemed to be very upset by the news that she’s received, and the suggestion here is that a devastating fire is going to take someone she values away from her. Given that the rest of the promo is about music, romance, and other drama, it’s hard to link almost any of it to what happens in the closing seconds.

CarterMatt has for you the STAR season 2 fall finale synopsis below, and it at least gives you another clue about the big event in terms of the fire’s location:

“With the showcase finally here, it’s time for the Midtown artists to put all their hard work to the test and prove they have what it takes to win. In the process, relationships are tested, ruined and sparked. Meanwhile, Carlotta’s salon is under fire in more ways than one, turning everyone’s world upside-down in the all-new “Climax” fall finale episode of STAR airing Wednesday, December 13th on FOX.”

Clearly, Carlotta’s salon is going to serve as the setting for the traumatic event and there are a number of different lives that are in jeopardy — we’ve seen Noah and Brody floating around as likely possibilities, but remember that it’s equally possible that the Fox series is going to pull a name out of left field and kill them off. There are two different reactions that the producers most-likely want to get out of you here: Shock that the event happened and heartbreak over who we ended up losing. Whoever it is we know that it has to make a certain degree of sense. If Star is going to be that upset by the news, it has to be someone she cares about … someone she would be devastated to lose. Her life cannot feel like it’s ever the same again.

What do you think is going to happen on the STAR season 2 fall finale and who are you worried about? Share some of your thoughts on that subject below!

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