Good Behavior season 2 episode 9 sneak peek: Letty and Javier reunite

Good Behavior season 2 episode 2There is some good news coming on Good Behavior season 2 episode 9: Letty and Javier are back together … sort of.

In the sneak peek below via Yahooyou can see the two characters back in one another’s orbit after Letty somehow finds a way back to Javier’s new place. If you recall, at the end of this past episode she was stranded in the middle of nowhere without much of a means to contact anyone. She was a mess, that that was a given based on much of what she went through. She was on a bit of a bender trying to forget about most of her problems, and we do think that this was by and large rock bottom for her.

Just based on the end of this sneak peek alone, it feels all of a sudden like there is a little more of a reason for hope for Letty and Javier’s future than before. After all, it feels like Javier is willing to have her around even in spite of some of their baggage and the stuff that was said to one another. They have some issues to work through but it feels as though Javier is more than committed on working through some of it with her. He probably realizes that she doesn’t have a whole lot else to cling to in life, but in all honesty, does he really either? These two almost need each other because they are not going to find much in the way of solace anywhere else. We’ve already discussed this a little bit but it does feel as though the two are stronger together — they may still be flawed and broken, but without each other around they have no incentive to try to be better people. Instead, they just allow themselves to sink ever further into the abyss.

Given that the Good Behavior finale is coming soon and there is no word on the show’s season 3 future, let’s hope that one way or another there are some better times ahead for these two.

What do you want to see on Good Behavior season 2 episode 9, and do you think that these two are going to be in good standing by the time you get to the end of the episode? Be sure to share below!

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