Blue Bloods season 8 episode 10 review: Danny vs. Victor Lugo

Blue Bloods season 8 episode 10Blue Bloods season 8 episode 10 ended up being one of the funnier episodes of the season, at least in terms of the Danny Reagan story at the heart of the hour.

Basically, what we saw with Danny was a back-and-forth rivalry between him and an old adversary in Victor Lugo who was a master car thief. This wasn’t your typical Blue Bloods criminal — he knew that he was guilty and he just enjoyed taunting Danny as a result of that. He called him Defective Danny, send him a singing telegram with donuts, and tried intentionally to get under his skin.

Of course, Danny got the last laugh and seemed to relish in Victor thinking that he got one over on him. There aren’t many times that we’ve seen a wild side to this character quite like him arresting him, and then later driving up to the police van carrying him while eating a donut just for the sake of taunting him. (It’s pretty remarkable Danny didn’t get a ticket in the process.)

This whole storyline did have some serious implications, but we have to admit we laughed here and there! After all of the super-heavy stuff that we’ve seen on Blue Bloods season 8 with Linda’s death it was nice to see Danny loosen up a little bit and have a good time catching a criminal.

Jamie Reagan helps a hero

There was a good Samaritan at the center of his story tonight, but the problem was that soon after his heroics it was found out that he had a criminal history. That was enough to be a cause some dissension as to what to do with him — one that even led to Jamie going to Erin to try and get some of the charges dropped against him. This was a favor that he seemed to be executing in part because he thought it was right — but also because he wanted to impress Eddie, who was really pushing for something to be done.

At this point we’re so desperate for Jamko story progression that we’ll take almost anything — this was the closest thing we’ve had in a while. It felt like so much progress was made last season and we’re almost back to a stop with these two. What gives?

Is Baker leaving?

Despite a whole storyline on the subject of a possible job offer elsewhere, not so much — credit to the writers for some good fake-outs throughout the episode! There were some times in which we really thought she was stepping away from the Commissioner’s Office for good. (Read more about the Baker storyline over here.)

CarterMatt Verdict

Blue Bloods season 8 episode 10 gave us everything we could’ve wanted in a final episode for the calendar year — a little bit of humor, a Reagan family dinner, and a spotlight on a character in Baker who doesn’t always get one. We’ll miss the show over the next month.

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