Is Abigail Hawk leaving Blue Bloods as Abigail Baker?

Blue Bloods season 8

Is Abigail Hawk leaving Blue Bloods, and her role as Abigail Baker, behind? This was something that was teased in the weeks leading up to Friday’s episode.

Yet, there was of course a question as to whether or not it would happen … especially since for most of the episode there was confusion as to whether or not she was offered a job elsewhere in the department or if she was the one who first put out feelers. At first, she presented the offer as more of the former, and an opportunity that she was interested in considering. However, the more the episode went on, the more it appeared as though she was the one seeking the job. She may have been looking for a fresh start and she saw this gig as an opportunity to take a step forward in her career. After all, she was a detective and she may not have felt like her full skill set was being used in this capacity.

What was so interesting about this storyline to us is that while Frank often has a tendency to be very unemotional and by the book with his decisions, there are also a few instances here and there where he can be a little bit petty. We think that this was one of them. It seemed as though Frank refused to allow her to move just because she didn’t tell him the truth about the offer. Confusing, no?

The good news is that the entire game of cat-and-mouse came to an end when Frank uncovered that Baker was in fact sought-after, and she did not pursue the job herself. He was the one lied to by her prospective superior, and determined that she was only wanted because of her connections rather than her work ethic or skill set. Frank refused to give her the transfer just because he didn’t want her to learn that her skills were being minimized. Yet, since Baker is such a good detective she figured it out anyway — luckily, this means that Abigail Hawk is staying put as this character, which is great given she’s an essential part of the story at this point, even if she’s not a regular.

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