Top Chef: Colorado episode 1 review: Who was the first chef eliminated?

Top Chef: Colorado premiereThe Top Chef: Colorado premiere came and went on Bravo Thursday night with many an entertaining moment — and also plenty of dramatic ones. The setting turned out to be a (relative) star, there were some interesting takes on meat and potatoes throughout the elimination challenge, and beyond that, some very entertaining personalities.

Let’s face it — the real star of any Top Chef seasons are the chefs themselves and there were some very entertaining people. Take, for example, intimidating bald man Tyler Anderson, who had a few good jokes with fellow Intimidating Bald Man Tom Colicchio. Meanwhile, Christopher Scott brought us some Amish and soul food mixed together. We have no idea what exactly that is when mixed together but it sounded fun in theory. Also, Laura Cole is a notable contestant from Alaska and is the real fish out of the water of the entire season.

The winter of the Quickfire Challenge tonight was Tu David Phu, and it turned out that his immunity saved him — he would’ve likely been in the bottom three of the Elimination Challenge had he not. Tyler won the Elimination Challenge, making a concoction based on meat and potatoes that was original, exciting, and apparently pretty darn tasty to go along with it all. (We love how Tyler threw some shade at people choosing to make tartare — that’s been a Top Chef tradition that is more than just overexposed at this point.)

As much fun as the Top Chef: Colorado premiere was, the downside was that the elimination was one you could see coming a mile away — Melissa Perfit had never cooked competitively before, and while she understood all of the food and the flavors, she just wasn’t used to being in this setting. She was clearly nervous and found herself in the bottom both of the Quickfire and the Elimination Challenge following that. She, alongside Adrienne Cheatham and Carrie Baird, were the bottom three for the challenge that mattered the most.

In the closing minutes of the episode the judges rendered their verdict, and we learned that it was in fact Melissa who would be packing her knives. The bummer here is that we liked her! She was unique — we like someone who is relatable and she brought that. Unfortunately, this isn’t really a show for the relatable.

CarterMatt Verdict

The elimination in the Top Chef: Colorado premiere may have been somewhat predictable, but we’re not going to let that take away from some of what the Bravo series does great — interesting casting, smart challenges, and a judging style that is fair and fun.

What did you think about the Top Chef: Colorado premiere as a whole, and do you think that the judges made the right decision? Be sure to share in the comments below!

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