Gotham season 4 episode 11 review: Sofia takes over; Jerome returns

Crystal ReedWhen you think about everything that Gotham could have brought to the table for its season 4 fall finale, it delivered on most. You had a character death, police drama, and Alfred beating the snot out of Bruce Wayne when he tried to continue to be a party-boy idiot.

Also, it had an epic twist that we absolutely didn’t see coming: Sofia Falcone was far more of a puppetmaster than we first gave her credit for. She was the woman responsible for almost everything that happened this season, from the creation of “Professor Pyg” to disrupt the city and the Penguin’s plan to the eventual own murder of her father Carmine “Don” Falcone, who died within the first ten minutes of the episode. She orchestrated this entire plot so that she could run the city and humiliate Jim Gordon in the process. The latter is incredibly important here since that seems to be her primary motive: Revenge over Jim killing her brother Mario. Apparently, it doesn’t matter all that much to her that he was infected with the Alice Tetch virus and could have murdered many other people.

As a result of the twist, Sofia now has Jim Gordon exactly where she wants him: Where she can torment him and control the GCPD at the same time. His first order of business? Confirming the death of Lazlo Valentine a.k.a. the former Pyg at her own hands. Jim also has Oswald locked up right now, and Victor Szasz is now on Sofia’s side.

As for everything else in this episode…

Tabitha tries to bring Grundy back

We consider this to be one of the two most-depressing stories of the hour, given that she effectively beat Solomon to a pulp in order to get him to remember who he was. That didn’t happen … or did it? After Tabitha knocked Grundy unconscious he woke up and seemingly remembered who he was.

Bruce fires Alfred

Here is the other. After the two got into a fistfight we learned that this seemed to be an intentional move so Bruce could go to his lawyer and get Alfred dismissed as his legal guardian. Now, Alfred has to figure out a future without Bruce in it — at least for now.

CarterMatt Verdict

A great, crazy end to the fall season, though we know some people are probably angry with the super-tiny Jerome tease given that he was hyped up leading into the hour. (He was locked up right next to Oswald, and we saw that in the closing minutes.) This doesn’t change how we personally feel about the episode as a whole, though — it was still very much entertaining.

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