Psych season 9: Could it ever happen, and what would it look like?

Psych: The Movie videoWith Psych: The Movie coming tonight, what better time other than the present to start having some Psych season 9 discussions?

Of course, the idea of the show coming back for another season is a pipe dream and unfortunately, it’s also probably not going to turn into reality. The series has moved on past the idea of doing eight or ten episodes and is now firmly dipping their feet into the movie pool. That’s certainly a bummer given that we’d love to see more of the show down the road. While we hesitate to call the season 9 odds impossible, at the same time there is little reason to think that it’s coming back in series form when the majority of the cast all have other jobs that they are working on that take up a lot of their time. Dule Hill has been especially busy as of late, finding time for Psych: The Movie in between some stage work and an arc on Suits season 7 as Alex Williams.

Meanwhile, Psych: The Movie 2 is definitely something that we could see happening! As we’ve already reported there are some internal hopes that this is going to be something that comes to fruition down the road. The first movie is even going to end in a way that should help to better set things up for another movie later. Feasibly, this is something that could happen every year or two so long as the ratings are strong and there is a good story to tell. Psych was a big-time hit for USA the entirety of the time it was on and it still reminds us very much of the network’s golden age — a time when funny programming reigned supreme. Psych is a show we desperately need right now when we are all looking for distractions from the real world. Here you can forget about politics and other depressing headlines and focus more on Gus eating mountains of snacks while Shawn calls him ridiculous nicknames.

No matter what is decided on the part of USA, here’s to hoping that we get a chance to see some more Psych in the future.

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