Is Patrick John Flueger leaving Chicago PD after season 5 fall finale?

Patrick John FluegerIs it fair to be worried about Patrick John Flueger after seeing the Chicago PD season 5 fall finale on NBC? Absolutely so. You don’t see a story end in the way that this one did and not feel a little bit concerned over whether or not the performer is done on the show.

For the time being, here is the good news: Adam Ruzek was not killed off at the end of the episode. In the closing minutes we saw Ruzek being brought to Voight by Olinsky, and Voight approached him surrounded by white light. We’d say that it was almost an angelic approach … in an angel of death sort of way.

If Chicago PD were to kill off Ruzek, wouldn’t they have just done it in the closing seconds tonight? We like to think so, but we also think that this story is so much more interesting if Ruzek lives and if he and Intelligence have to work their way through this mess. All Ruzek has to do is explain that he decided to not implicate Voight anywhere near as much as he could have, and he made the decision not to sell him out. If he has enough time to offer an explanation, he should be able to spare himself some of Voight’s wrath – that is if Voight trusts what Ruzek has to say. As angry and as dangerous of a person as Hank is, he has to be at least reasonably sympathetic to the idea that Woods was threatening Ruzek’s sister and putting himself in peril. Adam didn’t help Woods knowing that it could lead to the end of his time as an officer, and was willing to make the sacrifice for Voight.

Doesn’t all of this basically lend itself perfectly to the idea of Ruzek being spared? We like to think so, and we’ve already had too many hiatuses of Patrick John Flueger on the show as it is. We have no idea how in the world his character is going to make it to the end of the season both alive and employed by the Chicago Police Department, but part of the fun here is going to be figuring that out. The same goes for seeing if Voight is going to be able to take down Woods, who doesn’t seem willing to stop what he’s up to until he achieves his end goal of stopping Intelligence dead in its tracks.

What do you want to see coming up for Ruzek on Chicago PD? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the subject below!

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