Black Mirror season 4 premiere date confirmed at Netflix

Black Mirror season 4 premiere dateThere is no longer any reason to wait for a Black Mirror season 4 premiere date announcement — it’s been officially announced by Netflix.

On Friday, December 29 (just over three weeks!) the Netflix anthology series will return with its latest six episodes. It seemed as though the timing for such an announcement was imminent based on the fact that there have been a number of video teasers released as of late. This date means that viewers can check out some episodes over the weekend before New Year’s Eve — or, who knows? Maybe there are some people out there who think watching dystopian science-fiction while hammered at 12:05 a.m. on January 1 is a good idea. These episodes are likely going to continue the theme of the first three seasons, and that theme is “Charlie Brooker hates technology and wants you to know that it will ruin your life if not kill you”.

Brooker had a hand in writing the majority of these episodes, who also have a number of prestigious directors including David Slade and Jodie Foster. This is one of the best series out there to work on. You can cultivate whatever sort of atmosphere you want on Black Mirror and it really doesn’t matter what came before or after. The most important thing is that you tell the story that works for your vision.

Black Mirror season 4 has the pressure of living up to its first three seasons, especially given some of its recent success at the Emmys. Are there more stories of how evil technology is left to tell, or is the series getting caught up too much in its own hype? These are two questions that we imagine are going to be addressed over the course of this new season and we’ll have a little bit more analysis on them as time goes along.

For now, just be sure to check out the official trailer below (via Netflix) as it gives you a pretty good sense as to what is going on with some of these individual stories — including one that has a Star Trek theme to it (and stars Jesse Plemons who we love!).

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