The Flash season 4 episode 9 review: Who was arrested in midseason finale?

Neil Sandilands' The ThinkerThe Flash season 4 episode 9 was a tale of two different villains, each with their own specific goals. Both of them were brutal.

When it comes to Clifford DeVoe, The Thinker got Barry Allen back and that put Team Flash in a bind. They didn’t know where he was or what was happening to him — what we saw was that he was stuck in an invisible box, which probably made for an amusing performance from Grant Gustin on the set having to act like there was something solid around him. Basically, he was a mime in an invisible box.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Central City you had none other than Amunet Black. She had Caitlin Snow captured, and was using her in order to operate on a mind-reader named Dominic. If she didn’t save his life Amunet would kill her — she also refused to let Killer Frost enter the picture.

What these situations meant was that Iris West had to make a decision — either help Barry or help Caitlin. She chose Caitlin, feeling as though her husband would be able to help himself out of his terrible predicament. That turned out to be somewhat smart in the sense that Caitlin and Dominic were able to escape the hospital, but needed some help evading Amunet in the end. Barry did find himself in plenty of peril eventually with The Thinker, but was able to get away after finding himself pretty torn up from a whirlwind tour around the city.

The good news…

Barry and Caitlin both made it out of this situation alive. Unfortunately, that’s the only good news. As it turns out Dominic was hired by The Thinker. Not only that, but he transferred his mind over to Dominic’s body. “Dominic” is now DeVoe and he has the power that he didn’t have previously — he can walk around and cause chaos in the city without the help of a machine.

All along, Clifford’s plan was to get Caitlin to save Dominic’s body so that he could use it — Team Flash helped him do just that and they fell completely into his plan. As it turns out, this plan was every bit as brilliant as DeVoe said it was. This was a heck of a twisted ending that we didn’t see coming, and it was all sorts of entertaining to watch.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Thinker has now lived up to his reputation — this was a great mid-season finale anchored mostly by a fantastic ending. Barry Allen, in another phase of DeVoe’s plan, was accused of murder after he was found standing over Clifford’s old body in his apartment.

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