Leah Pipes returning for The Originals series finale

Leah Pipes returningIs Leah Pipes returning for The Originals series finale? We recently posted that she should, and CarterMatt is more than pleased to now have confirmation.

In a new Instagram post (one you can see below), the former series regular seemingly confirmed that she is back on set for the final episode of the CW series, which is filming at the moment in the Atlanta area. It makes some sense for Pipes to return, given that Camille was one of the most-popular characters of the show’s run and her (final) death probably remains a top five memorable moment. We’re not saying that losing her was a good thing at all — it wasn’t — but it was a watershed moment for the Klaus character and it changed much of his story the remainder of the way.

In bringing back PipesĀ The Originals is offering up some closure to a fan base who loved Klaus and Cami, whether it be as friends or as a romantic couple. You are getting a chance to see the two of them one last time and potentially celebrate the history that they have together.

We should also point out that yes, that is Sebastian Roche in Pipes’ Instagram story and he is also returning to the series! Mikael is of course the Original family patriarch and one of the most notable adversaries of Klaus and company during both this show and The Vampire Diaries. He was a formidable force and that’s precisely why it’s so funny to hear him singing in this video.

How do you include these two characters?

That’s an interesting question. Do you do so in a way that is similar to the final episode of The Vampire Diaries, where they are in some sort of afterlife eventually visited by Klaus and everyone else? Or, do they pop up in during some sort of dream sequence? It’s possible that some force finds a way to push them from the afterlife. A big reason why there is so much mystery at the moment has to do with us being still months away from the premiere.

What do you think about getting Pipes and Roche back for the final episode of The Originals, and how do you think that the producers are going to work them into the story? Share below!

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