Bull season 2: Is a Bull – Marissa romantic pairing possible, or even wanted?

Bull - Marissa romantic pairingMrs. Carter: Is now the right time to discuss a Bull – Marissa romantic pairing on Bull season 2?

There is no new episode coming on CBS tonight, but when the drama returns on December 12 you will see the Marissa character in a state of peril. Her new boyfriend Kyle seems to be far less fantastic than advertised and may be using and exploiting her finances. It’s heartbreaking for a character who hasn’t had all that much love in her life, and someone who dove in and relished the whirlwind, the romance, and the idea of having this great relationship. She is a character who works alongside Dr. Bull in order to manipulate and understand others, but found herself so overwhelmed in this situation that her defenses were down. She couldn’t see what she may have otherwise.

Bull meanwhile, is often the polar opposite of Marissa. He’s had many a romantic dalliance, but also many a failure. Most of them are of his own doing. He casually dates with reckless abandon, gets involved with occasional adversaries like Diana Lindsay, and becomes so detached due to his work that he fails to be there when it matters. His failed relationship to Isabella Colon is an indictment on his shortcomings. Without learning how to fix what is broken, Bull will probably never be fulfilled — it’s a somewhat-tragic lens to view the show through but we feel like there’s some truth to it.

What makes the idea of a Bull – Marissa romantic pairing interesting is that professionally and personally, there’s a capacity for them to challenge each other. It’s already known that they work well together and devote an endless amount of time to one another. They’re on that finish-each-others-sentences level without even dating. He knows Marissa’s shortcomings just as much as she knows his. With the two being on the same schedule, Bull and Marissa both alleviate of the biggest struggles that they have in relationships — their schedules.

However, this relationship would expose many other problems. Marissa is clearly someone who yearns for real, human affection, and unfortunately that is not something that Bull often knows how to provide. Unless Bull changes, and maybe Marissa could inspire Bull to change, this could be a recipe for heartbreak — and Marissa knows Bull well enough to know that this is not something she wants to sign up for. They would need to establish some sort of world for themselves beyond the TAC.

On a more positive note, Bull does seem to have an attraction for women who challenge him intellectually and Marissa provides that. Also, her being constantly around may serve as a reminder that he needs to be there for her. He can’t just turn the lights off on that part of his brain.

Bull and Marissa may just be better as friends, and not every show needs to cross into the common trope where two of the main characters eventually fall for each other. Unless a legitimate reason surfaces it’s often tired. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting discussion worth having — the lengthy hiatus lends itself to speculation on some of our favorite shows.

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