The state of Hannibal season 4 — is there still hope for revival?

Hannibal season 4It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to offer up a Hannibal season 4 update but rest assured, CarterMatt is still doing our best to keep hope alive.

For now, there is unfortunately no more talk than there was in the summer about the previously-canceled NBC show. We know that it’s at the time now where the powers-that-be behind the scenes can start gauging interest in a new home elsewhere and we do think that, eventually, something could come of that. Maybe it’s a streaming provider or maybe it’s a more unconventional outlet. The reality is that the international popularity for the show remains enormous and the source material is well-known around the world.

As many of you may know, Bryan Fuller also now has more room in his schedule — though it is unfortunately coming under some rather sad circumstances. Last week Fuller and co-showrunner Michael Green departed American Gods, which isn’t news that we are happy about since they excelled at bringing that world to life. Maybe he will have more time for Hannibal but we think he would’ve been able to work that out anyway. The larger issues here are A) finding a new home for the show and B) finding the time in the cast’s schedule for them all to be able to reunite. We know that the interest is there, but that doesn’t quite make it easy to figure out logistically.

One thing that we are still pleased about is that Fuller is keeping Hannibal relevant — just look at an exchange on Twitter below he had with Lin-Manuel Miranda! (For the record, we’re totally down to see a Hannibal Hamilton musical hybrid in the future.) These sort of little things are important to keep the show front of mind — any little thing helps, and the more people discover this great show the better off we will all be. We just wish right now there were even more venues to discover great episodes. While almost every episode is a thing of beauty, we happen to think that season 2 may be one of the best seasons of any individual show in the past ten years.

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