Billy Bush – The Late Show with Stephen Colbert video: Donald Trump tape discussion

Billy Bush

There’s a Billy Bush – The Late Show with Stephen Colbert appearance coming up on CBS Monday night, and it’s fair to call it  very much-anticipated. This is the first network TV interview for Bush since being fired from The Today Show last year, and that in turn stemmed from the infamous Access Hollywood tape from more than a decade ago that featured Donald Trump describing some of the horrible things he liked to do to women.

Following that tape (and over the past year), there have been numerous accusations of sexual harassment and assault by the current President, and many of them have unfortunately gone unchecked.

In the video below, Bush details some of why he decided to open up about the infamous tape now as reports surfaced recently with Trump trying to deny its authenticity — even after apologizing for it in the past. Bush explained how he needed to confirm its validity in a recent New York Times op-ed and also help to speak out against the President over some of the accusations that have been fired against him.

Obviously, Bush is far from a hero given that his actions on the tape were incredibly disrespectful and outright disgusting — rather than reporting Trump for his actions he simply laughed along. Bush owned this in his op-ed (though perhaps not as well as he could have), and seems now intent on lending his voice in a more positive manner for some of the people who need his help and support.

We’re not sure if any of this recent media merits Bush getting a second chance on television or if any network out there will be interested in having him, but it does continue to make for fascinating television. At some point we do imagine Trump will try to do address some of the comments against him, but he may do so in a more muted manner than some of his other wide array of controversies — remember that the Access Hollywood tape is one of the few things that he’s actually apologized for since the beginning of his campaign and he probably doesn’t want to remind anyone about it now, especially in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

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