Does the Sammi Giancola – Big Brother: Celebrity Edition rumor have legs?

Sammi GiancolaIs it possible that Sammi Giancola, (otherwise known as Sammi Sweetheart from Jersey Shore), is going to be a part of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition? We understand the temptation to think that this casting is a done deal.

As a matter of fact, there’s even a very understandable conspiracy theory out there about this already. According to a new report from Radar Online, Sammi is joining the CBS series and this is why she was not aboard the upcoming MTV Jersey Shore Family Vacation show. Also, apparently she did not want to be around her ex Ronnie Magro anymore. That makes some sense given that these two may have had one of the most toxic relationships in the history of reality television. When they were doing well they were great, but that only seemed to be a small percentage of the time. When the two were bad they completely sucked the mood out of the rest of the show and made Jersey Shore rather difficult to get through.

We do think that Sammi would be an interesting Big Brother player in that she’s savvy enough to know a little bit about the game in advance and she’s already experienced living with a bunch of crazy people in a house. Unfortunately, we also don’t know if she would be able to contain herself if people started acting like idiots around her since she has a tendency to be rather outspoken (which is putting it nicely).

The one thing that gives us pause when it comes to this rumor is simply this: We recently reported the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition premiere date and it’s more than two months away. Why would CBS lock in a cast this early? That’s problematic on so many levels, with the biggest one being it gives prospective contestants time to sniff around and figure out who else is on the show. We understand that these are “celebrities” and they may have to work through some other issues with their schedule, but it just still feels too early to start locking people in. Maybe she’s been approached and maybe they’ve worked out a deal, but there are changes that could happen with the cast from now until February.

Tell us: Do you think that this is a good idea?

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