Blue Bloods season 8 episode 9 review: ‘Pain Killers’ puts Jamie, Danny in tough spots

Blue Bloods season 8 episode 9Tonight, Blue Bloods season 8 episode 9 could really be sentenced around one subject: Justice for all. It didn’t matter who the victim in the crime was or who the perpetrator was. The NYPD had to find a way to get to the bottom of every aspect of the case and put their personal feelings aside.

The story that will probably generate the most discussion is Jamie’s given how it revolved around a convicted child molester being beaten up outside of an apartment building. Did he really provoke an attack by a concerned parent twice his size, or was he targeted because of his past? The truth seemed to be somewhere in between and the writers put themselves in a difficult spot. It’s very hard for anyone to have sympathy for a guy who did what this man did, especially to a minor. The episode recognized that, while also still making it clear that he is a human being. Maybe this storyline gave some out there a few things to think about, but we have a hard time thinking that it radically changed anyone’s minds on what they would do if they were in the same position as the concerned parent.

While Jamie found himself taking on this very-obvious problem we also saw Danny tackling one of his own alongside a narcotics task force: Trying to solve a drug ring that stemmed in part from a teacher. This was a case about watching addicts reconcile their demons alongside the end result of their addictions — the writers didn’t set out to present anyone as a terrible person, but rather characters in conflict who had to realize the error of their ways. Unfortunately, some of these drugs nearly killed Baez as she was exposed to one that caused her to overdose. For most of the episode she was hospitalized, but by the end of it she found herself (luckily) emerging in one piece.

Finally, let’s take a look now over at the story that transpired with Frank, who took a break from being in conflict with Mayor Dutton to being in conflict with the Governor over the use of some of his police officers and matters of control. Frank wants to be able to be the one to oversee his department and understandably so; meanwhile, there’s always that temptation in politics to mix policing with agenda. Admittedly, this was probably our least favorite storyline this week just because it felt like we were seeing the same thing we’ve often seen with Frank and Dutton, just in a slightly different form.

CarterMatt Verdict

Blue Bloods season 8 episode 9 was yet another reminder that the show is best when there’s ambiguity — there was plenty of that tonight, especially with the Jamie story.

What did you think about Blue Bloods season 8 episode 9 overall? Which story did you find the most appealing? Be sure to share in the comments!

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