Agents of SHIELD season 5: Is Iain De Caestecker leaving? Where is Fitz?

Iain De Caestecker leavingIs Iain De Caestecker leaving Agents of SHIELD in the role of Fitz? That may be a question for many after the season 5 premiere.

We understand the reason for the paranoia, given that Fitz was missing in action during much of the premiere, though clearly he still has a big role to play as the other missions of the team were thrust far into the future as a means to help save Earth. It’s a bizarre, shocking twist, especially since Fitz is back in the past doing what he can in order to save it.

The thing to remember with Iain is that he did still do publicity leading up to the start of the season; meanwhile, there’s been no buzz about the character being written out of the show. Unfortunately, you’re not going to get a whole lot of information regarding some of what’s coming up in the near future. The following tease from executive producer Jeffrey Bell via TVLine may have to suffice for now:

“The idea is that S.H.I.E.L.D. has to somehow save the future, save the planet — whether that means fixing it there, or liberating its people, or figuring out a way to put things back together … [Those are] questions that they will unravel over the course of a whole bunch of episodes.”

Our feeling on Fitz at the moment is this: Eventually, we’re going to see a standalone episode that features much of what he’s going through, possibly similar to what we saw with Simmons on Maveth a couple of seasons ago. The fun for now is going to come via seeing the rest of SHIELD try to assess what’s happening in their era while Fitz does his part at the same time. This is a great bona-fide mystery since SHIELD doesn’t quite know who to trust or what information to trust; meanwhile, they are all dealing with a phenomenon that is somewhat foreign to all of them in time-travel. While they’ve dealt with everything from alternate-dimensions to Ghost Rider over the past couple of years, this is something very much different.

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