Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers: JP Hilsabeck reflects on game

JP HilsabeckJP Hilsabeck was not exactly a man of many words during his time on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. HustlersWe’d argue that his most notable part of the show was at the very beginning when Alan tried to expose his brewing alliance with Ashley. Following that, he was a persona non grata during some of the story — he didn’t have a ton of confessionals and we didn’t often see what he was thinking about when it comes to the game. We do recognize that he was close to Chrissy and Ryan, and he was the unfortunate recipient of a blindside vote after Lauren, Devon, Ben, and Ashley decided to all work together to take control of the game.

Unfortunately, JP is not exactly any more verbose during the exit-interview process. Due to scheduling conflicts he was not available to do a phone interview; instead, he was able to respond to a few questions via email. He doesn’t offer up a whole lot of information in these but we want to offer them up with a little other information, which we’ll detail in a moment.

CarterMatt – Was there ever a point at Tribal Council were you suspected that something was awry with the vote?

JP – No. I had no idea what they were up to. Great move on [their] part.

At the time you were voted out, why did you think that you were the target?

[Being a] physical threat at the challenges.

Overall, does the blindside put a pall on your experience in any way; did you enjoy your time out there in the game?

I enjoyed every part of the game. If I had to go out that’s the way to do it.

In terms of email responses, that’s all we got. With that in mind we do want to offer you JP’s Ponderosa video below in the event that you haven’t seen it before — this should give you a little more of a chance to properly understand his game and who he was as a part of the show this season.

One of the biggest things we can probably use to summarize JP in general comes via our exit interview with Cole Medders earlier this week — one where he said that JP was very concerned about presenting himself in a way that would be respectful of his fire department. After all, he was wearing their shirt on the show! This may have influenced what he was willing to do out there.

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