The Big Bang Theory review: Sheldon, Amy, & a bounce house (season 11 episode 11)

The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 2The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 11 started off with something rare — a serialized story. Last week, Howard and Raj’s friendship fell apart after Raj felt as though he was being under-appreciated in their friendship. Tonight, Howard basically proved that he still hasn’t learned all that much from some of the mistakes that he has made.

When Halley’s birthday party rolled around it became abundantly clear that Howard had done very little to nothing when it comes to planning the big event. Therefore, he turned to Raj to lend a helping hand. He’s really lucky that Raj is Halley’s godparent and also a good person.

Nobody ended up showing up to Halley’s party (mostly because Howard doesn’t actually know that many other people — he’s not actually going to Daddy & Me class). Basically, this led to one of the funniest exchanges that we’ve seen on the show in some time as Howard and Raj used that party to confront many of their issues — while also getting into an altercation inside of a bouncy castle.

This, clearly, was the way that these two needed to channel their emotions to get on the same page.

Then, there was Amy’s birthday. Every year Sheldon tries to do something reasonably special for her — and then they sleep together. On paper, Sheldon’s idea was noble and very sweet: Doing something in honor of The Little House on the Prairie, which is one of Amy’s all-time favorite novels. He made her a dinner and planned an elaboration celebration, but in the process the two of them got completely sick. Hey, Sheldon made her period-accurate cuisine … the two just didn’t have the period stomachs for it.

The funniest part of this story came (once again) with the bounce house at Halley’s party — Sheldon and Amy were feeling good enough then that they decided that they were going to have coitis there.

Did Leonard and Penny move forward?

One of the more interesting little story threads tonight was learning a little bit about Leonard and the perfect life that has brother has. He saw the annual Christmas card with him and realized that while his brother’s life was moving forward, his was largely stuck in the same place. He couldn’t come with anything notable that happened over the past year.

CarterMatt’s overall thoughts

This was a fun episode — mostly because of the Raj / Howard conflict and the aftermath of it. We’re not quite sure that the Amy / Sheldon part of this was as memorable as we’d wanted.  It’s not the most notable fall finale in Big Bang Theory history but it was the conclusion of a rather fun stretch of the past few episodes.

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