Gotham season 4 episode 10 review: Sofia, Oswald wage war

Crystal ReedOn Gotham season 4 episode 10 Thursday night, the battle of wits between Oswald Cobblepot and Sofia Falcone started to heat up. The Penguin freaked out over learning about the Sofia and Jim Gordon kiss, and that caused everything to finally escalate to the point where the cards started to be on the table.

What Oswald didn’t quite realize was how adept Sofia was at turning some of his own henchman. She was able to do that and escape, only to eventually find herself captured by the Sirens. Alas, Tabitha, Barbara, and Selina weren’t 100% aware of the divide between Oswald and Sofia; yet, they all found themselves banding together thanks to the great equalizer presented in the form of Victor Szasz threatening to blow their entire place to tiny little pieces.

Eventually Sofia escaped and, to the surprise of no one, found herself interacting once more with Jim Gordon. He was suddenly very interested in sending her off on a train back home, so much so that he handcuffed her to make sure someone else put her aboard.

Well … was that the end of her? Not so much. She anticipated that and used the Sirens to get off the train. Also, she had Barbara and company kidnap Martin, the one person who Oswald seemed to genuinely care about. Sofia found a way to get Oswald to submit, and all of a sudden, it seemed like the Penguin could be subservient again — for all of about two seconds.

RIP Martin?

This had to be the most cold-blooded thing that we’ve seen Oswald do on the show to date — allowing an innocent boy to die just because he couldn’t let emotion get the best of him again. Did it actually happen?

Well, consider this to be a twist on top of a twist. It turned out that Martin wasn’t actually dead; this was just all an elaborate ploy. The boy is leaving, though, with largely the same motivation behind it.

Lee Thompkins expands her reach

Apparently, Lee had a crime boss underneath her surface this whole time. She’s currently leading the Narrows in a way that is efficient, controled, and also dangerous. As it turns out, having a lot of medical knowledge can be useful when it comes to waging biological warfare.

After showing her power out in the field, Lee then dropped a major surprise on Edward Nygma: There wasn’t anything that was technically wrong with him at all. He was capable of becoming the old version of Nygma; however, we’re not sure that this is altogether possible.

Your cliffhanger

In the closing seconds we learned a little more about Lazlo Valentin a.k.a. Professor Pyg — including that he wasn’t always this way. (He’s also now free.)

Finally, Nygma’s still being visited by his Riddler alter ego. So much for him becoming his old self.

CarterMatt Verdict

Gotham season 4 episode 10 was completely nuts. The Penguin used the only person he loved as bait, Professor Pyg is back on the scene, and it seems like bodies are about to fall.

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