The X-Files season 11 video features Mulder – Scully drama galore

Mulder - Scully dramaThe Mulder – Scully relationship is front and center in the latest The X-Files season 11 video, and we have teases from the cast to go along with it!

If you look below, you can see Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny set up how things are going to look when season 11 premieres on Fox in January. We’re coming off of a huge cliffhanger that featured a couple of important story moments. For one, Mulder’s life is on the line, and to go along with that, it seems as though William is a key in everything that is about to happen.

Here’s the problem: Nobody knows where William is. Mulder and Scully gave him up for adoption years ago and this season could be about the two of them doing everything within their power to try and tie up some of these loose ends. Duchovny and Anderson tease this aspect of the story while we also see creator Chris Carter hype up that this season will bring us a few things that we haven’t seen before. Is he a little bit hyperbolic in describing how the UFO threat coupled with Mulder being in danger are somehow new to our experience as an X-Files viewer? Absolutely, but we understand the desire to establish the upcoming season as something special. You’ve got ten episodes that carry with them unique opportunities to change the world of the show forever. To go along with that, you also have an opportunity to try to reverse the perception of the show in the modern era.

Let’s face it — reviews for The X-Files season 10 were lukewarm at best. There were some great moments, but there were also some weaker moments — the unfortunate thing is that the worst parts of that season were the premiere and the finale. That’s what viewers are likely going to remember and we really wish the focus was on the middle episodes instead,

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