MTV’s Floribama Shore episode 3 review: Kirk Medas is TV gold

Floribama ShoreHave you been enjoying MTV’s Floribama Shore so far? We are 2 episodes into the first season and we have to say that we are completely invested. While not all of the cast has really found a way to shine yet, most of them have background stories that have drawn us in. Many of the cast members are not typical 20 year olds that are just starting out in life – they’ve lived through some pretty intense experiences and have found a way to bond as a family. At the same time though, they are also getting on each other’s nerves. We have seen a few possible romances kick off then fizzle out fast, and most recently we’ve seen Nilsa’s obsession with Jeremiah grow into a problem that’s starting to affect the entire house.

Tonight’s episode picked up right where we left off last week with Codi finally getting some air time by kicking off one of the biggest fights of the season so far. Codi calls Nilsa out on being jealous and trying to ruin Jeremiah and Kayla’s relationship when she has no business getting involved. Nilsa gave Kayla a fake apology, but she’s not actually sorry for anything and really she still thinks she’s going to land Jeremiah after acting like this. Instead he’s getting even closer to Kayla as he brings her to his little twin sized bed – at least he’s trying get closer to her in between Codi getting sick all night. Kayla is making herself very comfortable in the house like she lives there and while some of the roommates are okay with her, others don’t want her walking around like owns the joint – namely Candace and Kirk. We haven’t seen a lot of Kirk on the show yet, but the few confessionals we’ve had of him have made us want more Kirk. His confessionals are TV gold!

Outside of this we had a lot of fights and issues over food in this episode, but Aimee’s taco soup brought everyone together… before making everyone really sick. Once everyone is feeling better, they head out to a local bar where they meet a local man who buys them all shots. Nilsa decides not to take it because she doesn’t know this man and doesn’t take drinks from strangers. This man is insulted and later picks a fight with her because of it. She tells Kirk and the guys what happened and the house comes together to have her back… which is good because things get really turned up when some random woman and her husband start getting physical. By the end pretty much everyone was involved in this brawl that had the bouncers holding down half the bar in the streets. We’ve seen some pretty insane fights on Jersey Shore, but this is easily the biggest brawl we’ve ever seen.

CarterMatt’s overall thoughts

This was the first episode where we really had a chance to see more of Kirk and he completely stole the show. He’s hilarious in his confessionals, strong in his fights over food and while we don’t see him acting like some of the other train wrecks on the show, he’s easily our favorite – and seems to be many people’s favorite in the house. He made a lot of really close connections tonight with his roommates giving us a chance to get to know him better too. More Kirk please!

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