Crisis on Earth-X: Quentin Lance’s Earth-X alter ego revealed

Quentin Lance's Earth-X alter egoQuentin Lance’s Earth-X alter ego was long a mystery leading into Crisis on Earth-X Tuesday night, and what we ended up seeing was both surprising and devastating.

As it turned out, this version of Lance ended up being one of the most evil men imaginable. He was the leader of the concentration camp holding many of the heroes, a horrible and violent man who made his own daughter suffer on this Earth just because of who she was. In the midst of all the promotion about Overgirl, Dark Flash, and Dark Arrow, he was actually the most terrifying of the three.

As for the reason why the producers of the four shows went with Quentin Lance to be the concentration camp leader / the closest character to Hitler that we’ve seen to date, it may just be because of the skill set that Paul Blackthorne brings to the table as an actor. He can do the accent, and he was able to take on this character without fear. He’s basically the complete opposite of the Quentin Lance we know, someone who is kind and caring. He does have demons, but he’s found a way to conquer them and move forward with his life.

With this version of Quentin being evil, we have to wonder if there’s going to be a chance to see other iterations of the character later on down the road? He’s a man who is so rooted and darkness much of the time that we’d be interested in seeing one who was pleasant, bright, and wasn’t so burdened by all of the horrible stuff that has transpired with him over the course of his life. Maybe there’s a version of him out there on an Earth-4 or something that could be this way — or, maybe there’s a version of him that is a superhero. Both of these things, at least by our money, would be interesting to watch unfold. We’ll just have to see if there are plans for that in another crossover down the road.

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